Our Customers

FTD delivers components to a wide range of industries. We can count several international operating companies as our customers. But even relatively small businesses know their way to find us. We act from a no-nonsense mentality, with a lot of manufacturing knowledge. Repeat orders are also issued. If they are small series for which the annual consumption is known, we offer the option to purchase this on demand.

1. Medical industry

During different phases in the development of new medical devices, FTD is often involved. Proto phase: through constructive consultation with engineers, we try to increase the manufacturability for the benefit of the serial phase. Validation phase: during this phase, a number of devices are built in series and tested extensively. During this phase it is important that the manufactured components meet strict requirements and are fully traceable. Serial phase: the design has been uptimized and is ready for serial production. Here too, strict requirements and full traceability must be met.

2. Food industry 

For various customers, FTD provides engineering and production of special process related items. For many years they have been relying on our specific knowledge of the production process and the solutions we offer them. In addition, spare parts are regularly made. Cloetta AB and CCI Candy B.V are among these customers.

3. (High-Tech) Machine builders

FTD manufactures components for various machine builders. This varies from relatively simple to complex components. This can take place during different phases. For example, during the development phase, constructive cosultations are often held with engineers. The agreed changes are then processed and the components can be manufactured.